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Mental Health Day

Do you ever wake up and everything just seems to go sideways? When the to do list seems to grow longer in front of your eyes? When the smallest tasks fall apart becoming endless?

Yes? Well then you know how I’m feeling today.

I am officially overwhelmed.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s really nothing that I can’t handle (or haven’t handled already). I’ve kept so many balls in the air for so long that I forget I’m even juggling. Friends or family will shake their heads wondering how I do it. Usually I’ll bewilderedly answer “do what?”

My subconscious must keep track but consciously I choose to ignore the obvious.

Until today.

Today I’m officially giving myself permission to acknowledge that my job is hard. I’m giving myself permission to take the day off, mentally.

So I will NOT

Do laundry
Pick up toys
Wrestle/walk the dogs
Wash dishes
Wipe down counters
Fill out endless paperwork
Check my bank account
Make Connor’s bed
Clean out the closet
Work on my novel
Step on the scale
Update the calendar
Make a to do list

I’m going to drink coffee in bed and watch A League of Their Own.

Tomorrow I’ll pick up the slack, but not today. No, not today.

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  1. Good for you! These days are MUCH needed sometimes. I’ve enjoyed one myself recently, and it was liberating. 🙂

    • mrserinanderson

      For whatever reason I felt very tired at the end of my “vacation” day. I wonder why that is?


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