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Bad Mommy/Resourceful Mommy

Connor is home sick again with what is now confirmed as a sinus infection. I’m pretty sure I have one too.

So when C asked to watch The Incredibles snuggled up to me on my big bed, I knew I was done for.

My eyelids grew heavier and heavier, accompanied by a rising panic that I’d fall asleep while Connor was still awake. I’d fall asleep for a few seconds only to be jerked awake and slapped across the face by motherly instincts. Over and over this happened.

Finally I decided to shut my motherly instincts up! With Connor engrossed in the movie I figured I could safely take a 20 min nap. So I locked the door to my bedroom, barring his only means of escape. I put all available nail clippers, razors, scissors, etc out of little army’s reach. Lastly I slung an arm around Connor’s waist, ensuring I’d awaken with any sudden movement.

And with that I gave into sleep….for 15 blissful minutes.

During that time Connor did not die or become maimed in some way. The house did not burn down. The dogs suffered no permanent injuries. And I actually feel better.

So why can’t I decide if that was a bad mommy thing to do or a resourceful one?

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