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Cupcake Bouquets

My youngest sister is the maid of honor for her best friend’s upcoming wedding.  This is the first time she has ever held this duty on her own, being a co-maid of honor in both my and my middle sister’s weddings.  Being in charge by yourself is a much more difficult task, especially when you are a typical broke young person.  Things are always harder on a tight budget!

So she called on her sisters to help out and, you know me, I love a good project!

One of the issues was flowers.  They cost so darn much and last for darn little.  We tried to come up with other options.  To take the place of real flowers we made various paper flowers (which I’ll include in another post).  We used my yarn ball garland (yet again another upcoming post).  But we still needed centerpieces.

Since I was in charge of bringing a dessert, I decided to try to combine the two into one.  I had seen a pin on Pinterest for a cupcake bouquet and thought I’d give it a try.  Fun!

I started with 6 terracotta pots from Lowes, which cost $1.60 each.  I then painted them in alternating bright colors, using acrylic paint.

Acrylic dries pretty fast but you still want to give it a chance to fully dry before putting food near them.  I let them dry overnight.  And voila!


On the morning of the shower I began putting the bouquets together.  I had baked the cupcakes all the day before.  The bride really likes Funfetti, so she got Funfetti cupcakes, straight out of the box.  Obviously you can make this as easy or as complicated as you like.  You can make cupcakes from scratch with homemade frosting!  Or you can do what I did and use box mixes and frosting from can.

Can you tell the difference?  I didn’t think so.

Since I had 6 flower pots, I bought 3 round styrofoam balls and sliced them each in half.  Each half was then placed in a flower pot.  Here is a picture of all my supplies:

You can see I had bamboo stakes out there, but I quickly switched to toothpicks when it was apparent I was making my life more difficult than it needed to be.

Place the toothpicks around the styrofoam in even intervals, angled slightly up.  Place one toothpick in the very top of the ball.

Then gently push your frosted cupcake onto the toothpick. If you’re struggling with getting it on, simply make a small cut in the bottom of the wrapper and slide the cupcake on to the toothpick through that hole.

It’s easiest if you leave the top cupcake for last.

Next begin the decorating stage.  This is both fun and frustrating.  It is the most time consuming but ultimately worth it.

Making marshmallow flowers:

Take your marshmallow and a pair of clean scissors and cut your marshmallow into five even slices.

The boyfriend was watching me in awe so I made him start taking pictures.  Then he volunteered to help cut the marshmallows after seeing how easy it is!  What a guy!

Here are your five slices.  Take them and layer the ends slightly over each other, forming a flower.  The tackiness of the marshmallow should keep them sticking together.  If not, use a bit of frosting as glue (though I doubt you’ll need to).

The natural stickiness of the marshmallow also makes it perfect for decorating sugar.  It will automatically cling to the marshmallow “petals”.  You can see in the photo above that several crystals had clung from leftovers on the paper already before I actually dusted this particular flower.  (Ignore the sesame seeds, I was trying to eat breakfast while doing this.  Not my smartest plan.)  Once you’ve heavily dusted the petals, carefully lift the flower as a whole and place it on to a cupcake, pushing into the frosting to ensure it stays put.

If you have the time or inclination you can decorate the center of these flowers with edible pearls or a dab of yellow frosting to complete the flower look.  I had neither desire or room in my deadline, so what you see is what you get.

Repeat the flower process for each cupcake, alternating sugars as you see fit.

Once each cupcake has a flower, you’ll want to create the “leaves”.  This is very simple and very quick.

Take a piece of green tissue paper and tear it into short strips.

Tear these strips in half again, twisting the joint of each strip to make a spiral.  This in turn will create a look of “leaves” from the paper coming from the spiral.  Next simply tuck these into any open space you see between cupcakes.

Repeat until each flower pot is full.

Your end result should look like this!  Fun, right?

(If you like you can tie a ribbon around each pot.  Have fun with this!  Tie bows or leave them flat.  Paint polka dots, write the names of the bridal party, have guests decorate them or sign them as momentos, whatever you like.)

Here they are as centerpieces:

This project was a lot of fun.  The displays got a lot of attention and many compliments.  I want to assure each reader how easy this was!  I promise you can make these yourselves!  If not, well just email me and I’ll walk you throw it.


36 frosted cupcakes

6 terracota pots

acryclic paints

paint brush

3 styrofoam balls


craft scissors

2 packages of jumbo marshmallows

colored sugar

green tissue paper


a great helper!


Make sure your marshmallows are fluffy and not smushed in the package.  This made cutting the blue flowers very difficult and sticky.

Wash your hands regularly during the marshmallow process as your fingers will get sticky on the tips, making each flower creation harder than the last.

Remove the cupcakes from the bouquets for serving as guests will be hesitant to take them from centerpieces…unless you want to go home with 36 cupcakes, then just leave them.  *If doing this for a child’s party, you probably won’t have this issue, but better to remove them for the sake of the toothpicks.  We don’t want over-zealous children chomping down on pointy wood pieces.

Have fun!  These can be as simple as I made them or as dramatic as you want.  If you need ideas for alternate ways to decorate, leave a comment and I’ll get back to you.


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  1. So cute! I love that people actually use the stuff they find on Pinterest, instead of amassing just for the sake of collecting ideas. I’ve tried one recipe (mini frittatas in a muffin pan), one do-it-yourself tummy time bag of colored water and glitter (disaster), and one idea to keep spills off the fridge shelves (to be determined). The rest are, for now, rainy day ideas. The cupcake centerpieces are fabulous!

    • mrserinanderson

      Thanks! I try to use Pinterest for real life too. I tried one recipe (lemon blueberry bread) that turned out so so and another (salsa chicken) that was fast and fabulous. The cupcake bouquets have been my favorite so far!

  2. They look fantastic!! It’s really not hard to make is it 😉 Very simple once you know how and they are such a WOW factor and definitely a conversation starter.


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