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I love clothes.  I would say I love fashion, but I don’t always love fashion.  I love MY sense of fashion, which doesn’t always coincide with what designers find fashionable in a given season.

I feel like when I purchase most of my clothing, I’m adding to an overall sense of style in my closet.  Occasionally I make mistakes and buy something that just doesn’t mesh with my look and ends up getting worn just once.  These items first get shown to my youngest sister and cousin, who always have first dibs, then to anyone else who wants to take a look, then finally to the church.

A lot of the time though I buy items that I love.  I’ll keep pieces for years!  It could be a tiered dress from target (like the purple one I bought back in 2008 and worn two weeks ago) or it could be a stunning Anthropologie dress with hand-embroidery that I bought for a wedding back in 2000.  Whatever it is, if it appeals to my specific sense of style it becomes a part of my collection.

That’s not to say that I don’t adhere to fashion trends.  I definitely do!  I try to incorporate the current trends into my wardrobe by buying prints or shapes that are “in” but won’t got “out” so easily.

Take this dress, for example:

This tribal print maxi dress from Ya Los Angeles was a great buy.  I found it on Piperlime for a rather inexpensive price.  It incorporates several trends that I love: maxi dress, tribal print, and see-through paneling.  Perfect!

Given that the tribal print makes up about half of the dress I don’t expect to keep this dress forever.  However, since it is a more sedate print I should be able to get at least a year’s worth of wear out of it, if not two.  Not bad for a dress that was under $100.

What’s curious, though, is that I never considered this dress to be a daring choice.  In fact, just look above to see that I used the word “sedate” to describe this dress.  I never think that my fashion choices might be out of the ordinary or seen as bold to other people.

At least I didn’t until I wore this dress to a bridal shower a few months ago.  A woman I’ve met several times before came up to me and complimented me on my dress.  I returned the compliment as she was wearing a darling outfit of an a-line red skirt with white sailboats and a navy blue t-shirt, tucked in and kind of blousey.  She looked adorable!  And I told her so.

She then started to tell me about her outfit choice and how she felt so daring in it.  I shook my head a little, saying it looked absolutely perfect and not at all out of the ordinary.  She laughed and said she knew I’d understand.

I just smiled and continued making small talk.

What the heck had she meant?  As the party wore on I didn’t give the comment another thought.  Until I was driving home, that is.  Then it struck me!  She meant that my current outfit was daring!  She meant that I always wore outfits that she considered “out there”.  I laughed to myself and wondered if anyone else I knew thought of me this way.

I’d always received compliments on my fashion choices, picking items that were out of the ordinary but beautiful.  I hate wearing items that I might see on a hundred different people!

Even know thinking about that conversation has me shaking my head and chuckling to myself.  Oh well!

If this is daring, then I guess I’ll be daring.  It’s a heck of a lot better than being ordinary!!

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