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To Swim

I’ll keep it short and sweet today.  I’ve finally come up with a plan for Connor’s summer swim lessons: two sessions of private instruction followed by two sessions of preschool group class (to be modified as needed).

Why did it take me so long to come up with this seemingly simple plan?

Because I’m a worrier.

Because I’m conflicted as to whether personal instruction or group interaction would be best for my somewhat challenging child.

Because my cousins have put their children in the Mommy and Me class and I want to be with them but Connor is too old!

Because I also procrastinate.

But now I have a plan!  Or at least a very loose semblance of a plan.

We’ll be going to Golden West College for our swim lessons.

It’s were I learned to swim, where my sisters learned to swim, where my cousins learned to swim.  It’s only makes sense that the new generation would return there for their own swim lessons.  It makes me feel a bit old taking my own child there, but I have such happy memories of my time there that I’m willing to bear a constant reminder of my age to have Connor make his own happy memories there.

I’m excited just thinking about it!

As a child it was one of my favorite things about summer!  I practically lived in the water during school vacations.  There is something so freeing about swimming that even as an adult I love to do it.

Actually, it brings out the kid in me.  I want to start doing hand stands in the shallow end, to play Marco Polo, to race underwater.

I’m pretty confident that Connor has the same love for water.  Yesterday at my mom’s Connor displayed his already intense love for swimming, but floating in a swim ring and kicking across a tiny spa for several hours.  He was as happy as a fish in water (hehe)!  Seriously though, I kept waiting for the joy of the experience to diminish over time but Connor was as happy at hour two as he was at minute five!

Hopefully this love of swimming will translate into swimming lessons given to him by a stranger.  I’m hopeful that the joy of water will over-ride the hesitancy of interacting with a person he doesn’t know.

We’ll see though, nothing to do but try!

If you’re in the North Orange County area, I highly recommend the Golden West College swim lessons program.  They have many instructors who have worked with special needs children before, and as a group are very conscious and considerate of interacting with the special needs community.  Hurry, though!  Space is filling up fast and it’s a pretty inexpensive program ($50 per class session) so there few remaining spaces are sure to be filled any day.

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  1. Well said Erin. I’m pretty excited myself about getting in the pool with Braylon. I have a feeling he is going to freak out his first time, especially with a million other kids in the pool with him. Wish me luck as I’ll do the same for you.
    Oh, and let’s make sure we get a little snack together afterwards. Just like the good ol’ times.


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