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Summer summer summertime….

I love that song.  It reminds me of being at least a decade younger than I am now, enjoying the simplicity of summer.  My main concerns in the summer were as follows:

getting tan

hanging out with my friends

having enough money to hang out with my friends

balancing the earning of said money with hanging out with my friends and getting tan

It was a tough life.

Things have changed a bit in the last ten years.  Or more specifically, things have changed a lot in the last 3 years.

These days summer isn’t the time of relaxing at the beach and sleeping in late that it once was.  No, instead Connor and I are up every morning at 7ish, which is earlier than when we get up during the school year.  Connor has summer school, swim class, behavior therapy, speech therapy, and gymnastics.  We are BUSY!

The shortened school day also means that I have just enough time each morning to eat, do some cleaning, exercise, and shower before going to get Connor from school at noon.  My blog writing has suffered, and my novel-writing is essentially non-existent.  Unlike Stephanie Meyers who famously thought out Twilight while watching her kids in swim class and then wrote after they’ve gone to bed, I am utterly exhausted after bedtime.  I can barely keep a straight thought in my head, no way can I write a chapter.

I could sacrifice exercise for fiction, but I’ve really been making an effort to get to classes regularly so they become a habit.  It’s not fun, but more on that tomorrow.

Oh well.  Fiction will just have to wait until the fall.  Until then I’ll be driving Connor all over place, slowly sucking the relaxed vibe out of the summer.  It’s a good thing he doesn’t know what he’s missing.  It’s too bad that I do!

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I wear many different hats in my life: mom, daughter, friend, laundress, dog lover/walker, nanny, personal assistant, cook....I could go on, but if you're a modern housewife, you already know what I do and you know I technically don't get paid for any of it! But I'll gladly take sloppy doggy kisses, baby face pats, and the occasional bunch of flowers as payment.Erin AndersonCreate Your Badge

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  1. Life & Sunshine

    summer is the best, and the best part is that it comes around Every year!


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