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The Art of The Inappropriate Response

We all get upset sometimes. Nobody gets their way all the times, so it’s a natural part of life that we feel frustration or disappointment.

We adults primarily display those emotions with a grumble, perhaps a tear, maybe even by being snarky and rude to our boyfriends (so I’ve heard). But as for the true art of the inappropriate response we could learn a thing or two from preschoolers, like my Connor.

When told he couldn’t watch a video on You Tube of some kid pulling his tooth out with a string tied to a door, Connor was, of course, upset. Sure I expected tears, some angry yelling. But Connor really outdid himself today by taking it a step further and trying to use his iPad to smash a lamp, repeatedly. Throw iPad at lamp shade. Pick up iPad, repeat. Truly a stoke of artistic genius!

Or, take for example, when Connor asked me to lay on the floor so we could play flying after he tried to allegedly destroy said lamp. When I declined Connor bared his nails at me, attempting to fish hook my mouth. Wow! His future in expressive art grows brighter every day!

Though it may be blasphemous to say it, I look forward to the day when he begins to moderate his artistic temperament. I really really do.

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