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Heat stroke

I have approximately 20 minutes to write this post and get it out.  Let’s do this!

I need a break.  Actually I need a long swim in a cold pool, a bottle of champagne, and a sci-fi romance novel with time to read it.  But I’d settle for being allowed to go to the bathroom by myself.

Why am I going so crazy?  Well there are several reasons.

1. Connor is extremely active, extremely intense and autistic.  Which means, as a parent to an ASD child, my stress levels mirror those in combat situations.

2. Connor was sick last week.  Out of the gosh darn blue Connor woke up last Sunday with a fever.  Over the course of the week he maintained a fever of about 100, with vomiting and other disgusting issues.  Sickness= clinginess, crankiness, frustration, making for one strung out mommy.

3. Its freaking hot!

4. Our trip to Big Bear was not the lovely, fun-filled family vacation I had imagined.  Instead we got trouble.  And that starts with T and that rhymes with C and that stands for Connor.

It started with a cabin that was filthy, so we moved to a new cabin that reminded me of girl scout camp but at least it was clean.  Staying in a cabin he didn’t know was way out of Connor’s comfort zone so we had a few tantrums…and some screaming…and hitting…Being the good parents we are, we bribed him with candy and ice cream to just be quiet.  The joke was on us though as he ended up getting overloaded from the sugar, combining with the remnants of his illness, and we made him sick.  Everything you could possibly imagine that is disgusting and related to children happened.  It was gross.  We came home as soon as humanly possible on Sunday.

There were good parts throughout this, of course.  Connor met a little boy at the lake who sweetly asked Connor to be his friend.  I felt my heart growing a size as I watched Connor traipse after the boy through the lake grass, splashing and smiling.

And later that night, when the fiance handed Connor a bowl and asked if Connor  needed to throw up again, Connor cocked his head and said “throw up bowl?”, to which we said yep, if you need to throw up again throw up in the bowl.  So Connor looks at us and says again “throw up bowl”, exhaustion gripping me I just said “yes, throw up bowl.”  Connor, of course, then threw the bowl up into the air!

I completely lost my composure and broke down into peals of laughter.  I laughed until tears rolled down my cheeks and I had trouble breathing.  I laughed until both the fiance and Connor joined me.  I laughed, and giggled, and smiled until I looked absolutely nuts. Sigh…Connor did exactly what he told him, since he doesn’t understand the idiom of “throwing up”, he literally interpreted what we said the threw the bowl up into the air.  Classic.

I am sitting here shaking my head as I remember.  Believe me, those moments of hilarity and sweetness stay with me.  They keep me going when I have to restrain myself from choking the life out of my child on any number of occasions throughout the day.  I remind myself of the good times we had when he wasn’t sick or hot or 3 and a half….

I need a vacation.

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  1. I laughed with you at the throw up bowl. That’s funny. I hope that and the other good things helped you keep your sanity through this especially tough week.


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