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Dramatic Change–Recovering a Bench DIY

To channel some of my nervous energy (a by-product of dealing with Connor’s anxiety) this last week I decided to tackle a project I’d long been ignoring.  It was an easy project, completed start to finish in just one day.  I decided to recover a bench I’d had for years!  It was desperately out of place in my modern eclectic household.

So here’s how I turned this:

Into this:

in just a few easy steps!

First, I detached the cushion from the frame:

Then I used a semi-gloss black spray paint to change the color of the frame.  It required only one coat, though I had to apply it in two sessions so as to get all the nooks and crannies.

While that was drying I attacked the cushion, which (even if the pattern hadn’t been out of date) needed a new cover.  Yikes!

Stripping the fabric from the cushion I discovered this strange anomaly:

My cushion was it two parts!  This made it a bit harder to recover alone, as I had to hold the pieces together while pulling the fabric taut around it.  In the end it worked out ok, it just made me wish for a few more limbs.

To recover the cushion I’d decided to use a paint spattered drop cloth, thinking it would give the bench an eclectic artsy look.  To recover the cushion, you simply pull the fabric as taut as possible and staple!

I didn’t want to spend any time sewing the corners into neat lines, so I decided to fold the fabric ends like it was a giant present! (Please don’t tell Martha!)

After that, I simply screwed the cushion board back on to the frame.  And voila I was done!

I’d added a few more paint splashes across the cushion, thinking it would make it more expressive and dynamic.  To my dismay, it ended up looking like an amateur art school project.  So I taped a chevron pattern on the cushion and painted the lines black.  So voila! Now I’m done.  I think…

The fiance likes the look of the paint spatter peeking through the lines.  I’m undecided.  The good news is that I can leave it as is for now and decide later.  I can easily paint the in-between lines white or some other color to make the whole bench look a little more sophisticated.

What do you think?  Change it or leave it as is?

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  1. I like it! The question is, will the white showing through be dog proof? Maybe a spray of Scotch Guard will help.


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