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Back in the Swing

I’m finally feeling like my normal self again and getting into back into the swing of things.

It’s difficult to know what the problem is, work towards making things better and still have to wait for improvement.  I hate increments! I just want everything now!

Just kidding…sort of…

My ex often accused me of being a contradiction.  And I admit it, I absolutely am.

With my sweet baby boy, Connor, who is often not very sweet, I have patience for days!  Hand me a crying baby and I can pace with that child for hours.  Give me a craft project to do and I’ll wait for glue to dry, paint to settle, pieces to arrive like there is never a deadline. Send me your most obnoxious, slowest reference customer and I’ll happily sit there listening to them prattle on about how they think Florida was one of the original 13 colonies.

But something that has to do with me and what I want, I want it, like, yesterday!

The house, the yard, weight loss, mental health, getting pregnant, I want to be working on all of it now.  Actually, I’d like to have accomplished all of those things so I can sit back and relax.

Instead I have to wait.  There’s a time and a place for everything, unfortunately.

I feel like Veruca Salt…a little.

I’ll try to be more patient for Christmas and remind myself that all good things come to those who wait.  Damn it.

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I wear many different hats in my life: mom, daughter, friend, laundress, dog lover/walker, nanny, personal assistant, cook....I could go on, but if you're a modern housewife, you already know what I do and you know I technically don't get paid for any of it! But I'll gladly take sloppy doggy kisses, baby face pats, and the occasional bunch of flowers as payment.Erin AndersonCreate Your Badge

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