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Quick Plans

Well my wedding is in just two short months.  It was originally planned for May, but my fiance and I decided that we’d rather my sister didn’t go into labor at the reception, so we’ve moved it to March.  And I’m totally fine.  And everything is under control.  And I’m breathing…

And I’m a little overwhelmed!

I was doing fine until I made the to do list this morning.  It has 50-some items on it!  As Connor would say, “WHAT THE HECK, MIKE?!?!”

But it’s ok…it’s ok…shhhhhh…’s going to be fine….

So you’ll excuse me if my posts are somewhat sporadic for the next two months, I’ve got a few things to do….

At least I can cross one thing off my list this morning!  The invitations are done!

We’ve decided on a book theme for the wedding, since the fiance and I are both big readers.  The motto of the reception is “A New Chapter” since this is a new beginning for both of us.  We’re moving away from the past and starting the next phase in our lives.  Yay!

Everything at the reception will be done in book pages, typewriter type, and pops of color here and there.  Since I’m a librarian, library items will be a constant.

Take the invitations for example:

I used library due date book cards and card pockets (the card pockets cost $10 and the cards were $14.00).  Based on research, I designed the invitations myself.  Here’s the result:


I really love them!  Plus they cost me about $0.50 each!  Perfect!

So that’s done…sort of of.  I just need to create the labels, stuff the envelopes and get them in the mail.  Easy peasy!

Then I can move on to the other 49 items on my list.


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  1. Erin,
    I absolutely love these as they are EXACTLY what I envisioned for my wedding (also on both a financial and time budget lol). You dog such a beautiful job! I am doing something incredibly similar. The only difference with mine will be that we are handmaking a “book” (cardboard covers with twine binding) that the pocket will be attached to in the back. The book pages:
    1. The invitation itself with ceremony and reception information
    2. Directions to both portions of the event and room booking info
    3. Explanation of book donation (we are asking guests to help us decorate our tables with their books in order to collect books to donate after the wedding!) And instructions on exactly what types of books are needed for different organizations so they have a choice of who they want to donate to.
    4. We are putting all invitations together to save on postage because we are doing all this in 3 months. Page 4 will be different depending on the guest but it will be either the invitation for the bridal shower or the invitation to the Bachelor/Bachelorette party as we are doin them together.
    The back cover will have the due date card on the back which is the RSVP and “library card application.” The pocket will hold both the due date card and a seperate boom catelog card which will be the “application.” When they are both sent back to us, the “application” will be put into a card catelog and will serve as the escort card at the reception!
    They will find their card in the catelog and then take it (as their temperary library card) to the “photo booth” which is a camera on a tripod. The attendant will take their card, input the information on my laptop which has the template for a printable library card, take a fun photo booth style photo, and print up 2 copies of the card. One copy for them as a keepsake and one that will go into a manilla file folder (labeled in advance for each guest) converted into a scrapbook. They will fibd their folder and inside they will find their favor: a personalized bookmark (with the initials of the guest) that is made to look like a receipt for the return an the overdue book, the title of which will be petsonalized depending on the guest but it will be something like “Can’t Thank You Enough” by: Mr. And Mrs.
    There will be some scrapbooking fun available if they want to decorate their file (stamps and such) and this will be the guest book/keepsake for us with a little something written by each of our guests. We wanted a photo booth but couldn’t afford one so this is what we came up with instead.
    The final library card gives them access to the cocktail hour where a “librarian” (an attendant at the venue) will ask to see it before entry to the “rare books room” (just the cocktail hour lol) which ensures that each guest has signed the book! (I thought this was clever to avoid having missing signatures).
    It’s still a work in progress and there us so much left to do but my purpose in sharing all of this was to ask a fellow book nerd if there’s any advice you have. I wanted to get your take on our current ideas and also a critique and or addition of new ideas. I tried to get as creative as possible with incorporating all the aspects of a library while saving money by doubling each elements purpose. Any thoughts you have would be much appreciated!
    also if you have any ideas on a cheap way to create the book pages for the invitation. I need to find paper to print on that is both vintage looking and strong but cost effective.


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