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Spring Flowers and Crafts

I’m trying to get back into the swing of things post-wedding, but it’s not easy.  Last weekend my sister and I hosted a baby shower for our other sister, along with the help of a very good friend, my mother, and a cousin.  There’s a saying that many hands make light work, and I surely put that to the test!

Coming up I have Easter and Connor’s birthday to prepare for, so I’ll be busy with crafts and planning yet again.  Once I make it past April 15th, I think I’m free to relax and maybe pursue some of my own interests…more on that at a later date.

I intend to bring my readers up to speed on all the crafts, paper goods, and food that went into my beautiful wedding, but I want to have some really good pictures of all these things.  And, well, my crappy cell phone pictures just aren’t going to do it!  So, I’m going to wait on all the wedding details until I have my beautiful photographer’s pictures in hand.

Today I’m going to show you a simple, quick to complete but long-lasting craft to do.

The Spring Tulip Wreath:


What You’ll need:

21 bunches (or bushes) of artificial tulips

wire cutter

12′ vine wreath

hot glue and gun

pink ribbon

I purchased seven bunches of three different colors: light pink, dark pink, and mixed.

One bunch of artificial tulips

One bunch of artificial tulips

First, you’ll want to use your wire cutters to snip each tulip from the bunch.

Cut each tulip from the main stem

Cut each tulip from the main stem

You’ll want to leave each tulip’s stem as long as possible to weave into the vine wreath.  (Please ignore the fact that I still have my Valentine’s Day tablecloth on in March.  I’ve been busy, dang it!)

Next you’ll want to start weaving your tulips into the vine wreath.  And when I say “weaving” I really mean jam it in there until it’s secure, leaving about 3-4 inches resting on top of the wreath.

Slid the stem in between the branches of the wreath

Slid the stem in between the branches of the wreath

They should look like this as you layer the tulips around the wreath:

Make sure to vary your colors

Make sure to vary your colors

Work all the way around the wreath until full, and none of the vines are visible when looking straight down onto the wreath.


To be certain that all of the tulips are secure, we’re going to glue the stems on the back.  So flip over your wreath and start wrapping any stray stems into the vines.

Push stems under vines until they are secure

Push stems under vines until they are secure

Now we glue.  I placed roughly a dime’s size of hot glue on each stem, holding it in place.

Once that is done, simply loop some ribbon through the top of the wreath (I used a slip knot) and tie with a bow at the top.  You make want to use thicker ribbon that what I selected (mine was on sale for $.99 so beggars can’t be choosers).


And you are done!

The cost of this craft was roughly $50.  The wreath was $8, the tulips were about $40, and the ribbon was $.99.  If you can find cheaper flowers, I urge you to do so.  I used Micheal’s because of a floral sale, as well as some coupons I had.  Here’s a link to their weekly ad, featuring a coupon and their floral sale.

Still I think it’s a pretty good deal.  On Etsy, artificial tulip wreaths are selling for $90+.  I can’t imagine doing this with real tulips, as I think it would be astronomically expensive.  But if you are able to do so, please send me a picture! I’d love to see it!

If you have any questions about this craft, or tips on other crafts, please drop me a line!


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  1. This came out beautifully!


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