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How Does Your Garden Grow

Hello there.  It’s again been about 2 weeks since I last wrote, what with Connor’s schedule, home remodeling, a million other distractions and delights.  I was going to write about any number of these, especially the things that have me pulling my hair out.  But instead, I felt like I could use a little positivity on my blog today.  So I’m going to write about my garden.

My garden is my happy place.  Or perhaps I should say it’s my therapy space.  (My happy place is and always will be in a book somewhere).  My garden allows me to work at something and see a “fruitful” result.

It gives me the time and opportunity to work through my stress.  Weeding, pruning, seeding, fertilizing, watering, harvesting, it’s all a lot of work and a lot of time.  And it is absolutely worth it.

We work at so many things in our lives which don’t produce results for years, if at all.  There’s no medal for potty training your child, no award for taking good care of your animals, and if you’re very lucky the prize for being a good parent will be having a healthy, successful adult.

Gardening allows you to work hard and see the fruit of your labor within months.  During the time from seed to salad, you are able to watch your garden grow, each day, getting a little bigger, a little brighter, a little more full.

Last year I began with two potted tomato plants and one jalapeno potted plant.  I got a few fruit off of each plant and then watched the winter cold kill them.  Not the most auspicious beginning to my gardening.

This past spring I decided to go a little bigger.  I began with one raised bed and two small potted tomato plants.  I also dedicated myself to gardening, giving it my time and attention every day.  My garden flourished.

So I expanded.

My garden

My garden

This was my garden on July 2nd.  Since then things have changed, as gardens do, as life does.  My pumpkin plant had to be trimmed back, my tomatoes have grown larger and bigger, and much of my work has been harvested.


Squash, beans, peas, strawberries, tomatoes

bounty2 bounty3

You can see by these pictures that my garden likes to grow things plentifully and extra-large.  The jewel of my garden this year was my giant zucchini.

Connor with Big Baby

Connor with Big Baby

We named him Big Baby.  He weighed 10.8 lbs and  was 25 inches long.  We took him to the fair.

safety first

safety first

We entered Big Baby into the biggest zucchini contest at the OC Fair.


And we won!

The life of a garden is never over.  It’s cyclical, so maybe I have a new gem growing in my garden right now.  Maybe I won’t have another giant prize winner for years.  Either way, I plant, I grow, I harvest, I feed my family and I feed my soul.


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  1. That is so awesome about your prize zucchini!


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