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Germ Factory



Plague Carriers

There are many other labels I could think of for these preschoolers but they devolve rather quickly into name calling.

Though at this point they would all deserve it!

On Tuesday I picked up my child from preschool a few hours early because I received that dreaded call: the nurse’s call.  Connor had a runny nose, a low fever and was apparently choking on his own mucus.  Gross.  Despite the nurse’s disgusting description I decided to bring my little germ-infected guy home.

We spent the next two days in our softies watching movies, playing with stuffed animals in bed, eating goldfish.

Connor slowly improved whereas I slowly fell apart.  Every symptom that disappeared in my son, appeared in me.  By Thursday evening I was a completely sick, fighting to stay awake while my now recovered child bounced off the walls with energy.  Ugh.

Here he is on the “ride” he demanded we take yesterday afternoon, obviously feeling much better:

I spoke with Connor’s teacher yesterday letting her know that Connor was will and would be returning today.  She informed me that three other kids were out with the same symptoms as my child.  Oh really?

So it seems that these children conspired to make me ill just two days before Mother’s Day.  I’m sure some of the other parents are feeling the ill effects of this malevolent conspiracy.  I’m sure they all intended to remind us that even though it’s “Mother’s Day” on Sunday, it’s still all about them, every day, all the time.  They will never let us forget it.

In retaliation I’ve been thinking of ways to keep my child germ free (and keep in mind I’m a little punch from the cold medicine):

A full body layer of Purrell

Plastic Bubble

Rubber gloves

Gas masks and chemical baths (those are the boyfriend’s suggestions)

Alcohol swabs after recess, lunch, art, circle time, song time, play time…any time


Hmmm….well if anyone has any practical advice I’d be happy to listen.  Until then, I’m leaning towards the bubble.